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There isn’t one right way to approach being a parent.

Whatever you are currently struggling with you may feel you need help finding your way and that’s where I can help.

Around one in five women will experience emotional health concerns during the perinatal period.  If you are feeling low and perhaps anxious you are not alone.  You and your baby deserve care and support to help you through this important time in your lives.  

My experience includes consulting with mothers suffering from low mood, anxiety and postnatal depression calling on simple techniques, such as baby massage to help develop a positive relationship between mother and baby.  Most of all I listen to you and respond to your concerns.

I have been supporting families as they transition into parenthood for the past 14 years, working in the NHS as a Paediatric Nurse and more recently as a Health Visitor.  I am dedicated to helping guide you through your experience of having a new baby and pride myself on an ability to listen and not to judge.

I take a non-judgemental holistic approach to supporting you, listening to what is working, what the dilemmas are and what you hope to achieve. I trained in breastfeeding with UNICEF and have extensive experience working both in neonatal care and in the community.

Following an initial telephone consultation, I tend to find that it is beneficial to come and visit you at home or somewhere that you feel comfortable feeding.  It is ideal to then have the opportunity to observe your baby feeding and to talk with you about your experience.  From here, together we can come up with strategies to help you feel more confident to feed and settle your baby.

As your baby grows, we can think about transitioning onto solid foods and how you best meet your baby’s nutritional needs.


I am here to listen to you and offer you guidance and support on all aspects of child behaviour and development for example, fussy eating, speech and language concerns, challenging behaviour, potty training and sleep issues.


I work collaboratively with families to find the right parenting approach for you, drawing on a range of evidence-based techniques and fitting these with your family’s values and resources.  A background in health allows me to help you to understand your child's emotional and behavioural needs in the context of their physical development. Together we can then use this knowledge to explore approaches to your current parenting puzzles.

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