Postnatal Pod

A 6 week postnatal course for new mums and babies

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Postnatal Pod is currently running as an online Facebook group, building a community of new parents, providing a calm, honest, safe and welcoming space to celebrate becoming a parent in addition to providing up to date, evidence based guidance to help you navigate the challenging moments.


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a note from Suzelie...



I set up Postnatal Pod in acknowledgement of the huge value that  friendship and support has on  the transition into parenthood. 


Having worked with new families for the past 16 years, as a Paediatric Nurse and Health Visitor, and as a mother of three, I believe that connecting with people and having consistent professional support at this precious time is invaluable.


I have felt the upheaval, the shock and the shear relentlessness of sleepless nights, anxiety and at times desperation; as well as gloried in the joys of having a baby and the miracle of giving birth to new life.

I am here for you through your journey and hope to impart some of the confidence and knowledge that I have gained through personal and professional experience, to you so that your journey as a parent is as happy, thoughtful and fulfilling as possible.


I really look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our next group.

What will we cover?  I initially designed the format of the group to run over a 6 week period for new parents to attend.  For the moment however, I will update the Facebook group with information on the following topics.

Week 1

... Getting To Know You ...


This week is about sharing and thinking together.  We will form a list of topics that your group would like to hear more about and there will be a quiet space for addressing any physical health concerns and feeding difficulties.

Week 2

... Baby Please Sleep ...

An opportunity to explore your baby's sleep; to learn about how babies' sleep differs from ours and how that impacts on them and us.  


I hope that you will leave this session feeling more confident to set patterns and routines that suit you and your baby.

Week 3

... All About You ...

We will think together about how you are feeling in your role as 'Mummy'.  I hope we will celebrate the joys of your new baby and explore coping strategies if things are perhaps not feeling so wonderful.  This session is all about you and your family and is very much shaped by the group.

Week 4

... Reflection and Discussion ...


We'll build on last weeks session, identifying ways that we have cared for ourselves and celebrate our achievements.  


It can be lovely to have an opportunity to explore together what parenting means to us, how we think we might rise to the challenges that motherhood brings and explore our parenting values.  These thoughts can lay the foundations of all our parenting strategies going forward. 

Week 5

... Empowering with Information ...

This week we explore critical information about keeping your baby safe and well.  We will learn some keep pieces of information that I hope will give you confidence to assess your baby if you ever have concerns about his/her health and empower you to know how and where to get help if needed.

Week 6

... Looking Forward ...

Our final week together will be about looking ahead and thinking about your baby's development.  We will touch upon weaning and speech and language progression and think about how you are feeling about your baby's wonderful milestones.

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