Breastfeeding  -  Unsettled Baby  -  Colic  -  Introducing Solids

Private Weaning Talks

I take a non-judgemental holistic approach to supporting you, listening to what is working, what the dilemmas are and what you hope to achieve.  I trained in breastfeeding with UNICEF and have extensive experience working both in neonatal care and in the community.

Following an initial telephone consultation, I will visit you at home or somewhere that you feel comfortable.  It is ideal to have the opportunity to observe your baby feeding and to talk with you about your experience.  From here, together we can come up with strategies to help you feel more confident to feed and settle your baby.

As your baby grows, we can think about transitioning onto solid foods and how you best meet your baby’s nutritional needs.

Additionally, I am able to offer private weaning talks to groups of parents who are keen to feel ready and informed when they introduce their baby to solid foods.  

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