I usually charge a simple hourly rate to allow support to be planned around your needs.  

However for some people it suits them to have a more clear support plan. 

All of these packages can be amended to suit you and your needs.

Postnatal Support - 6 Weeks

4 home visits and support by phone, text and email for the first 6 weeks

If you are expecting a baby and feel you would benefit from continuity of support and someone on hand to ask all those little questions, then this is for you. 

I would plan to meet with you before your baby arrives so that we can discuss any concerns and help you feel ready for the arrival.  Following the birth, I would arrange to visit at your convenience.  I can be on hand to assist with feeding concerns, monitor baby's weight and offer guidance and support with all aspects of baby care and your postnatal health.


Weaning Support

3 home visits and support by phone, text and email for 3 weeks

Introducing solids to your baby can seem a daunting task for some but with support and the right information it can be an exciting and happy time for you and your baby.  I am able to come to your home, talk you through the latest advice and hopefully allow you to start the journey with confidence.

Additionally, I have allowed 2 visits to come and sit with you while you commence feeding your baby.  Having someone with you can help allay anxieties and allows time for reflection and enjoyment of a fantastic developmental milestone that your baby has reached.

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